Neighborhood Homes is a custom home builder based in Flagstaff, AZ.

Our Story

Neighborhood Homes was formed out of our founder's passion for architecture and the hope for the future presented by new green-building technologies. Our goal is to always push the envelope in construction techniques while carefully weighing every decision about how our houses are built. This attention to detail means our homes are built to the highest standard while providing the exact mix of historic charm and modern convenience our customers seek.

We were founded in 2010 by David Hayward after he moved to New Orleans from San Francisco. David graduated honors from UC Berkeley and went on to join one of the nation's top management consulting firms. Spending time in California, Chicago, Mumbai and Johannesburg, David managed multimillion dollar projects while advising the chief executives of international corporations. During his tenure he learned that running a successful business was about hard work and organization, and that creating something worthwhile was about challenging the status quo and following your beliefs.

After spending a year working as a construction manager for New Orleans Aea Habitat for Humanity, David bought and remodeled his first home. Since then he has grown his business from $50K in annual revenue to over 2 million. In 2013 we moved our business to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he provided custom home-building services as well as developing our own residential real estate projects.

Most recently David and his wife relocated to Flagstaff, AZ where Dr. Hayward is now the newest Pediatrician at Mountain View Pediatrics. David will be focusing on growing his general contracting business in Flagstaff.

David and his wife Lauren at their wedding in New Orleans

David and his wife Lauren at their wedding in New Orleans